Chiropractic and the Aging Population

Chiropractic can be immensely beneficial to you as you age. Have you heard the saying “If you don’t use it, you lose it?” Well, that is basically what chiropractic helps you do! An adjustment helps you move better, so you don’t lose muscle tone.

In my office I use the Activator Methods technique; I bring this up because I have a lot patient, especially aging patients that are afraid to be “cracked.” This is why the Activator is so great for them. It is instrument adjusting, which means I use an instrument that gives a short thrust into the joint area. You will not be twisted or hear any cracking sounds. And, unless I’m on a particularly sore spot, it usually doesn’t hurt! This technique is also immensely safe and effective.

An adjustment to a fixated joint helps open up the joint space. This allows for easier movement and decreased muscle spasm/tightness in the surrounding areas. Therefore, you can move more and enjoy life! I see many patients as they age, and I can promise you, the ones that keep active on a daily basis, either by walking, swimming, etc FEEL BETTER. Along with chiropractic adjustments they stay fit, age well, and happily.