Chiropractic and Kids

Chiropractic and Kids


As a chiropractor that sees patients of all ages, I hear this particular question very often: “Can kids get adjusted too?” My answer? Of course! I actually recommend children to be adjusted as soon as they are born.

The reason? Birth is hard. As a mother myself, I am too familiar with the birthing process, much like many women out there. Not only do us mamas go through a lot during birth, so do our babies! Sometimes their little necks get twisted as they are born, especially during a c-section when they have to be pulled out.  As a chiropractor and mom, I believe it never hurts to get a newborn checked out!

There are so many ways chiropractic can be beneficial for children. Some of the things I have treated in my office are the typical things you would expect a chiropractor to treat, a sprained ankle, headaches, and back pain. Other things you might not have thought a chiropractor can help with: constipation, upset stomach, developmental delays, and ear infections. For a newborn’s case, chiropractors are able to help the little ones by treating them with an adjustment if they experience: colic, not latching properly while nursing or bottle, spitting up, and/or wanting to keep their head to one side.

Chiropractic is extremely safe for children and babies; it’s a great first stop for any ailments your child may be experiencing. A typical first visit for a baby or child would consist of some paperwork, a brief examination of the child (I make it fun, and it goes by fast), questions for the mom/dad/child, and then an adjustment. The adjustment is very light force, I use an activator when adjusting babies 6 months and older, for newborns just very light pressure with my finger tips. Kids love getting adjusted! They feel great afterwards and enjoy all the fun stuff they can do at the office. We have a coloring station, stickers, toys, child size activators to practice on a teddy, and possibly the most favorite- pushing the buttons on the adjusting table.

As a chiropractor I always knew I would adjust my kids, and adjust them often, but I never realized how wonderful the results of that would be. Cash and Aislinn are healthy little toddlers, rarely getting ill! They get adjusted every 1-2 weeks and they love it, they even ask me to adjust them without me bringing it up, it’s incredibly cute. Of course, I also adjust teddy bears, baby dolls, and maybe a stuffed tiger or two!

My recommendations on how to find a chiropractor that works with kiddos:

Ask other parents! So many people are taking their children to a chiropractor, I’m sure you will find a friend, relative, or on one of your facebook groups that can give you a great local referral.

At your fist appointment make sure you like the doctor, you are on the same page with treatment plans, and your child feels comfortable at the office. – this website lists doctors who have attended pediatric and pregnancy seminars. This website also has lots of great articles and research on chiropractic and children.