Acupuncture for Infertility, Pregnancy, and Labor Induction


Acupuncture is a very important part of our practice here at Coldstream Health. We see many patients with various ailments; it’s exciting for us to give them relief and results with this wonderful type of treatment. We see a lot of women for infertility, during pregnancy, and to induce labor.


Acupuncture for infertility can be treated with various methods. At your first visit we will discuss your health history, and do an examination. This will help us determine the right treatment for you! We work with women during many different phases of fertility treatments. Sometimes, we are the first stop on a patient’s fertility journey, or maybe we work along with patients already going through IVF, IUI, or who are taking medications like clomid. Either way, we have some great treatment options for you! This is an area Dr. Lindsey really enjoys working in, she can also recommend supplements, diet, and detox options for you.


Common things we treat during pregnancy include nausea, low back pain, and headaches. Unfortunately, during pregnancy these types of things tend to affect women and can make pregnancy very uncomfortable! Acupuncture is a safe treatment for women during pregnancy. It may take 4-8 visits to help relieve the symptoms, but after that you would only need to come in when you have a “flare up.”

 Labor Induction

When moms get around 36 weeks they tend to become more uncomfortable and ready for that squishy baby to be here! We totally understand (we have all been there), and are here to help. We prefer to wait until you are 38 weeks or have a note from you midwife/OB stating you can begin to induce labor. For this treatment, we recommend coming in every day, or every other day if possible. You will have needles in your feet, ankles, low back, hands, and on your head. We will also use something called “electrical stimulation” on the points in your back; this does not hurt, but gives the needles a little extra boost to get things moving. We can’t always guarantee this will do the trick and get baby to come, but we have had good success with it in the past.

 Are you pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant? Call our office if you are interested in acupuncture and we can help you on your journey!