We serve the Cedar Rapids area including Marion, Hiawatha, and the corridor. Our holistic services include chiropractic, acupuncture, nutrition, massage, and esthetics.


Office Hours:

Monday 9AM- 1PM, 2PM- 5PM

Tuesday 9AM- 1PM

Wednesday 9AM- 1PM, 2PM- 6PM

Thursday Closed

Friday 9AM- 1PM, 2PM- 5PM

Saturday and Sunday Closed




Dr. Luke and Dr. Lacey utilize Activator Methods, which is a gentle, effective form of chiropractic treatment.  The Activator instrument delivers a comfortable, precise thrust that is so quick you may not even notice it!


Chiropractic keeps kiddos healthy! As your child grows, adjustments can continue to help with ear infections, digestive issues, ADHD and even improved sleeping. For a baby’s first few adjustments our doctors will use their hands and light pressure.