30 Minutes $65 60 Minutes $75 90 Minutes $85

FACIAL MASSAGE 60 minutes $65 90 minutes $75

BODY Back Treatment 60 minutes $75

Facial Waxing services are also available. Be sure to have
proper growth for hair removal. At least 2-3 weeks of growth for brow design
& maintenance facial hair removal. Brow wax includes trimming, tweezing,
serum, & brow powder if desired.

Eyebrows $20 Lip OR Chin $15 Nose Wax $10 2 Facial areas $25

Holistic Esthetics Spa and beauty treatments have long been part of overall wellness in cultures around the world. The pampering and techniques work together to promote stress relief, natural detoxification and boost emotional well-being.

Our Esthetician can help you
design a plan for daily beauty rituals that keep your skin looking fresh and
vibrant all year ‘round. Clients with skin sensitivities, acne, dry skin, or
normal skin are all great candidates for holistic skin treatments. Facials are
all customized to your skin needs.

Facials, if not contraindicated
are very high touch, meaning lots of tension melting facial massage. Gemstones
may be used such as jade rollers, crystal stones for energy work, & gua sha
stones. Aromatherapy is also included to enhance pleasant feelings during your

Facial Massage benefits include
improved blood/lymph circulation, increases collagen production, minimizes fine
lines/wrinkles, tones/lifts facial muscles, decreases puffiness, gives your
skin a more youthful appearance.

All products used in skin
treatments harness the power of nature to create effective skin solutions.
Feeding your skin nutrients it NEEDS is vital to having healthy skin.

Our backbar products are
cruelty-Free, Certified Vegan, and packed with certified organic botanicals,
bioavailable vitamins, essential fatty acids, and skin-soothing seed oils.