Nutrition is an important part of our patient’s wellness! Dr. Lindsey or Dr. Lacey can discuss your needs and work on a whole food treatment plan customized for you with Standard Process supplements, diet and exercise. We also carry Vital Proteins, Smarty Pants, Ortho Molecular and Nordic Naturals products.

Nordic Naturals and Pure Ecapsulations

Meridian Testing

Dr. Lindsey offers a method to test meridians with the Reflex-E system. This system derives from Chinese medicine and is an effective way to find out exactly what your body needs! Whether it is acupuncture, homeopathic remedies, or supplements. Meridian testing is a great way to lay the groundwork for your path to wellness! We carry Des Bio for all of our naturopathic products.

Lyme Disease

With meridian testing Dr. Lindsey can determine if you have been exposed to Lyme’s. Her treatment for this includes 60 days and up to 6 months of homeopathic remedies. We have found this treatment very effective and safe, even for children.

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